Friday, April 1, 2016

Israeli-Arab Conflict

Reflection 5
April 1, 2016
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the land and has been going on for decades. Professor Zaru’s lecture and the speaker from Palestinian Center informed me about different sides of the conflict that I never told or read about.   From a personal experience, Professor spoke about what it was like for her living and growing up under Israeli occupation.  Her lecture was powerful!
She talked about how Israeli soldiers would stop kids on their way to school for no reason. And when kids tried to question why they are being stopped, they would be taken to military detention center where they would be punished or kept for hours or even days. They were not allowed to speak up for themselves and if they tried to, they entire family would be punished.  Palestinians are still going through these obstacles today. Their lives are being controlled by Israeli military. They are not allowed to have their own flag. They cannot draw or write the word Palestine. This makes me so anger because how can people live their entire lives like this believing they are living normal lives?  Below is a picture of students being stopped by Israeli soldiers.

After learning more about Israel-Palestinian conflict through Professor Zaru’s lecture, class reading, and Palestinian Center’s speak, I think there might some possible ways of solving the issue. First, people need to understand both sides of the situation. This is a complex situation and people have to pay more attention to what’s happening to Palestinians each day and the lives they are living. Second, both Israeli leaders and Palestinian leaders have to agree on one thing. Instead of fighting and killing innocent people, those leaders have to sit down and talk their problems out peaceful. I personally think two-state solution can end the conflict. However, the land has to be divided equally and based on the population on each group.    

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