Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reflection 6

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reflection 6

Reflection 6
April 7, 2016
Dr. Leahy’s Lecture
Dr. Leahy is a Political Science and International Relations professor here at McDaniel College. Today, Dr. Leah came to our class to talk about the USA involvement in Arab countries. In here lecture, she talked about the USA support toward Israel and how it affects the Arab world in many ways.  Israel is small state with a super power.  As Dr. Leah mentioned in her lecture that Israel only represents thousandth of the world population and receive about 3.1 billion dollars from the United States each year. This itself says a lot about America’s relationship with Israel. This kind of money should be going to third world countries and as we know Israel is not one of those countries. Israel uses money given by the US to buy weapon and kill innocent Arabs and the US is doing nothing to stop them from doing so.

And then they are asking this question: “Why do they hate us?”. According to the book Understanding the Arabs, Arabs do not hate America nor do they hate American people. They are just anger because of the US is too involved in the lands. Dr. Leahy made some important points about the US involvement in the Arab World. Number one the US support for dictators in Arab countries and violating human rights in those countries. Number two, the US military base in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War in Mecca. They promised Saudi government that they were going to remove their military base after the war for failed to do so. They are still there today. All of these are some of the reasons why most Arabs are anger at American government.  

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