Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reflection 7

Reflection 7

May 3, 2016

The reason I took this class was because I was interested in understanding the Arab world. I wanted to understand the relationship between the Arabs and Islamic religion and the culture. I also wanted to know what it means to be an Arab and I also wanted to know why Arabs and Muslims are categorize as “terrorists” by most Americans.
Now I have a better an understanding of the Arabs and Muslims in general. I know that an Arab is anyone who speaks Arabic. They could be black, white, brown or yellow. They could also be from Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia or any other parts of the world. A Muslim is someone whose religion is Islam and he/she does not have to be Arab to be Muslim. I honestly got what I expected and wanted to know from this class.  
As an example, my favorite topic from this class was learning about ISIS and having Dr. as a guest speaker. I honestly didn’t know much about who ISIS really are. I thought they were real believers who just happen to hate everyone. But Dr. Boukhars’ lecture gave me a completely different perspective of what ISIS really are. Now I know that ISIS are youths ages 16 to24 who hang out with girls, go to night clubs, smoke weed, don’t go to mosque, they don’t associate with Muslim communities, most them have serve in prison, they don’t speak Arabic, and don’t even know anything about the Quran. The question is why don’t they show all of these on the news when talking about ISIS? All we see on social media and news is that all Muslims are terrorists. But even if ISIS were real Muslims, it won’t make all terrorists or bad people. They are Christians who use violence and they are not classify as terrorists. Muslims themselves fear ISIS because ISIS are also killing innocent Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Being able to know all of these fulfill my expectations of why I took this class.   
Overall, I am glad I took this class because now, I have a knowledge of the Arab world and I can use it to educate other people.  

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